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Jennifer A.H. Pierce, LCPC


Jennifer believes in a collaborative therapeutic relationship, where the client and therapist decide

together the proper course of treatment. She strives to provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere

where clients can express themselves without judgement. Jennifer primarily uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to counseling in a short-term model whenever appropriate. In other words, she focuses on resolving the current problems as quickly as possible by changing the client’s thoughts and actions. Childhood issues, dreams, and the like are only addressed at the request of the client. Long term counseling is also available for clients seeking deep personal growth or those with severe mental illness.


Jennifer obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Mercer University and her Master’s degree in

Applied Psychology, counseling specialty, at the University of Baltimore.

After college, I began my career in mental health by working with adults with major mental illnesses like

Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, while obtaining a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Later, I

began counseling more diverse clients in a private, outpatient office. After several years, I opened Hagerstown Counseling, LLC in 2011.  When the COVID epidemic began, I closed the office and began offering online counseling. 

I live in Hagerstown with my husband of 20 years and cat. My husband is active duty military, which allows me the

benefit of understanding military life. We enjoy craft beers and community festivals. I am a huge

chocolate lover and slightly obsessed with puzzle games, like Candy Crush. I look forward to getting to

know you.

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